Cirépil protocol

Going beyond basic hair removal, for many years now Cirépil has been advocating a depilatory care protocol based on three main stages.
This complete beauty treatment delivers unparelleled SOFTNESS, guaranteed COMFORT and optimum RESULTS.



A skin and hair diagnosis is carried out first, to determine the most suitable products and method for the client.


The area for waxing is prepared with a pre-waxing product.
The Cirépil waxing professional prepares and cleanses the skin first with Cirépil Lotion bleue assainssante. Then, if the skin is dry or cold, your professional will apply a drop of the jasmine-scented Cirépil pre-waxing oil.


Hair is removed from the area using the most suitable wax. Cirépil offers waxes of different types and textures: each solution fits a different need.
Your hair removal professional will choose the wax that’s right for you, so you always achieve perfect results.


Depending on your needs, you can relax during the application of a Cirépil post-wax product from the range that is tailored to suit you.
For even greater results, some products are available to purchase for use at home, in between each wax.



At the end of the treatment, your professional will give you a brochure with advice on how to care for your skin after the wax.

You’ll never see waxing in the same way again!

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