Waxing pioneer

It all started in the summer of 1936, with the creation of a sun oil and a hair-removal wax by a pharmacist and a salesman, Mr Perron and Mr Rigot, just when the first annual leave became available in France. THE PERRON RIGOT BRAND WAS FOUNDED!

A few years later, the company was taken over by a former perfumer from Jean Patou: Mr. Des Garets, who was a chemical engineer. Fascinated by hair removal treatments, he launched a series of different patents and invented the new generation of stripless waxes. Perron Rigot then became an expert brand with an international reputation in the field of hair removal, especially in France and the USA. At that time, the brand’s star products were known as Cirépil.

Partnering with most beauty schools, PERRON RIGOT has trained several generations of beauticians on the best hair removal techniques, making hair removal a beauty treatment in its own right. In 2004, the company took a new turn and joined the THALGO group.

Having always been keen to work closely with beauticians on their daily practice in salons, PERRON RIGOT then developed its business around new beauty categories to offer all the services that a salon needs to be successful.

PPERRON RIGOT became an umbrella brand, and created the brand CIRÉPIL, wax expert.

Jean-Marc Sirop,

Managing Director


Cirépil products are made in France, and occupy the top spot on that country’s market. Distributed in more than 80 countries worldwide, Cirépil has its own subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal.




Creation of Perron Rigot by Mr. Perron and Mr. Rigot



Mr. Des Garrets, a professional perfumer, takes over the company and registers the first patent for low temperature recyclable waxes.


The company focuses its business on the development of new waxes. It then calls itself Perigot. The new waxes in development are then named Cirépil


Launch of the first strip waxes


Perigot creates its own direct distribution network to beauty salons and schools


Patent for third-generation stripless disposable waxes


The company is acquired by Thalgo Cosmetic Group. The company takes back its original name Perron Rigot. Creation of a hypoallergenic range especially for sensitive skin.


Striving to always work closely with beauticians, Perron Rigot launches the first online sales website for professionals in France.


Creation of the Végétale hydratante range.


Perron Rigot extends its offer to other beauty segments and Cirépil becomes the leading brand name in waxing.


Launch of the special face wax.


Creation of the special initimate wax protocol: Intimate 4.



Packaging for stripless waxes now comes in resealable bags which are more convenient to use.
A new communication concept to reflect the values ​​of Cirépil: fresh, dynamic and feminine.
Expansion of the hypoallergenic range to include a new patented formula  with greater efficiency: Cachemire


Launch of the Sugar’Expert range, an innovation to combat the pain of waxing with the Tendre Coton range.